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Team Expectations

Kodiak Team/Classroom Expectations

Behavior Expectations
1) Respect yourself, teachers, peers, and property
2) Follow all school wide rules
3) Be on time, Prepared and ready to learn

Consequence Menu
(All students will receive an Non-Verbal and Verbal warning before the starting the Consequence Menu)
❖ Penalty Box (Consequence = Complete Choice Sheet)
❖ Penalty Box (Consequence = Team Meeting)
❖ Parent Contact (Consequence = Parent contact)
❖ Building ISS (Consequence = Building ISS & parent contact)
❖ Meeting with Administrator, Teachers, and Students (Parent contact)
❖ Office Referral
*If at any time the teacher feels the student’s behavior is severe, they have the option to go straight to an
office referral.

Restroom Passes
✓ Restroom breaks will be limited during class time to protect the learning environment

Homework Expectations
✓ Students will be expected to turn in assignments on the day that they are due.
✓ Students will have on average 2 days per week of homework in each class.
✓ Parents need to aware that if students do not complete homework assignments the students'
grade will suffer.

✓ As a Team we will be using a text service called Remind this year. This will allow us to
communicate with you about tests, items due, field trips, etc.
o To receive messages from the Kodiak team via text, text @lfms kodiak to the phone number
o To receive messages From Ms. Simpson via text, text. @lfc110 to the phone number 81010
✓ You can also follow us on twitter @LFMS_ Kodiaks
✓ If you have any questions for us the best way to reach us is through email. You will find all the
teachers email addresses on the school website.