Expectations and Supplies

American Black Bears Classroom Expectations

Behavior Expectations

  1. Respect
  2. Dress Code
  3. Follow all Schoolwide Rules

Consequence Menu

*All students will receive a non-verbal or verbal warning first. 

❖  Penalty Box ( Choice Sheet) 

❖  Penalty Box (Team Conference)                                                          

❖  Parent Contact (Writing Assignment) 

❖  Building I.S.S. (Parent Contact) 

❖  Meeting with Administration, Teachers, and Student 

❖  Office Referral

**If at any time the teacher feels the student’s behavior is severe, they have the option to go straight to an office referral.

Restroom Passes

  • You must have your agenda.
  • You receive 1 pass per class, per week, and must sign out before leaving class.(doctor's note accepted) 
  • You must have your pass in order to go anywhere during class time (nurse, office, locker, etc.). 

Homework Expectations

  •   Students will be expected to turn in assignments on the day that they are due.
  •   Students will have on average 2 days per week of homework.
  • Parents need to be aware that if a student does not complete homework assignments, the student’s grades will suffer.

Grading Policy

  • Teachers will follow the school’s grading policy when students are absent.
  • Teachers will have a missing work deadline that will be the Wednesday after Progress Reports are sent home. Any work not turned in up to that point will remain a 0 in the gradebook and cannot be made up.
American Black Bears Supply

For Homeroom Teacher

For Student


paper towels


#2 pencils


2 boxes of tissues


4 composition notebooks


dry erase markers


2 folders with prongs & pockets


glue sticks/scissors


loose-leaf paper


tennis balls


3 1-inch binders 


markers/colored pencils


3 packs of 5-tab dividers


TI-34 MultiView calculator


graph paper


The Giver novel by Lois Lowry (August 23)